What happened to sweet potato after slip in the garden?

The Answer:  We’ll have to wait and see, but I hope it produces lots of sweet potatoes!  Yes, the post title is a joke.  I chuckled as I wrote it – I’m such a nerd.  For those of you unfamiliar, ‘slips’ are what the starter pieces of sweet potatoes and potatoes are called.  I know this because the internet told me.

We’ve anxiously awaited the day when the sweet potato slips were ready to get dirty – today it happens!

About 30 days ago we purchased a sweet potato from our local co-op and it started sprouting even out of water.  We put it in water without cutting it in half and growth was not very fast but just 2 days ago I decided to twist off the green shoots and try to get them to root.  They did!  Since then I’ve cut the sweet potato in half and put it in water to watch it grow, but in all honesty I don’t need more slips.  I’m running out of room for all the things I want to grow.


For the Sweet Potato we got a fairly large 19″ pot and filled it with fresh planting mix.  I’m only hoping it will be warm enough for this tropical plant since I’m planting it so late in the season I’m not holding my breathe.  Again, San Diego has such a strange climate that it seems only trial and error will let me figure out what grows when!



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