Sweet Orange Veggies & Chicken Recipe

The celery and goldbar squash are growing strong and are providing harvests weekly.  There are new bell pepper fruits setting now but it is so late in the season I’m not sure they will ripen so today we used the last red bell pepper we had in this awesome dish!

This lazy sunday afternoon we needed something quick to eat after spending time at Fiesta Island (local dog park) with Skeeto.  We had a frozen Orange Chicken pack from Trader Joe’s which only consists of chicken and sauce.

Pretty much any ripe veggies you have in the garden can be mixed into this dish and will be awesome, here’s what we had on hand today.

Chopped up:

1 Red Bell Pepper

6 Celery stems

3 Goldbar Squash

Sprinkling of Sesame Seeds (optional)



Sept 21 2014


Bake chicken according to package (400 degrees for 25 mins)

Add chopped veggies to a pan with a touch of oil and stir fry for a few minutes, then add the baked chicken and sauce to coat




Serve immediately and enjoy!

Sept 21 2014


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